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• Progressive Thrash Metal
• New EP “Voices”

Although they founded their band only in winter 2018, the current demo “Voices” sounds already remarkably mature.

The multiple capable Bavarian formation says about the pronounced dynamic tracks: 
“This demo is a glimpse into the future and just the beginning of the journey we are about to embark.”

TEZURA deliver four energetic and melodic tracks of PROGRESSIVE THRASH METAL that combine elements of Thrash and Metalcore to a new genre of their own.

Timo Kammerer • Guitar, Vocals
Phil Elste • Guitar
Max Wopinski • Bass
Lukas Mayr • Drums


[July 6, 2019]
melodic thrashcore / metal core

Base:  Munich, Germany

Label / Booking / Press:


Inevitably inspiring guitar performances and sophisticated vocal arrangements are already a trademark of these young hopefuls.

The Munich based quartet offers ultra-fast to almost punk-style riffs as well as catchy melodies. A blend that is equally convincing with inventiveness, freshness and quality.

The fact that the whole sounds so fluid European and edgy American in one, comes through the open musical attitude of the band.


… “Behind The Glow”



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