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Push Button Press
release “Vril”
a new video taken from their latest album
“Black Swan”

" Black Swan" 

Push Button Press
[January 8, 2021]
coldwave, darkwave, gothic, post-punk
Base:  Tampa, Florida
Label / Booking / Press: 
Cold Transmission

Push Button Press sophomore release on Cold Transmission records entitled “Black Swan” is a tour de force of post-punk energy. Recorded in world-class studios with a multiple Grammy nominated engineer, “Black Swan” is a sonic pleasure. Stylistically it draws from the early days of guitar driven post-punk from bands like Joy Division, Bauhaus, Christian Death, and The Buzzcocks. They accomplish this while creating engrossing and polished songs you will listen too more than once.

“New Times” said Push Button Press “…is holding up the flag high for all the Goth kids out there that refuse to let go of their angst and skepticism and don their black platform shit-kickers with pride…descending onto this world like a dark cloud of truth here to wash away our contentment. They are a rebuke of the sunny pop records that young suburban artists cultivate; they are the knives in the darkness that cuts away the bullshit and exposes the depths of our feelings.”

If you are a fan of post-punk, there will be a song on “Black Swan” that you will love.


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