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ODC releases ambitious music video for new single “Wanted”

Bridging the gap between heavy metal and classic rock models, ODC‘s French blend various influences, creating an infectious style of modern metal. After a first EP in 2019 and a string of singles, ODC reaches the next level after signing with BloodBlast, a digital rock and metal distributor developed by BELIEVE MUSIC and NUCLEAR BLAST“We can’t wait to tell you more about our upcoming releases!” says Celia Do.

To debut the partnership with BloodBlast, ODC releases the single “Wanted”, backed by a mega production and an ambitious music video, including a live debut and chat with the band that took place on the YouTube channel and can be seen HERE.
“Wanted” brings a great story sung in three languages: English, Spanish and French, backed by modern metal, where the guitar lines are driven by 8 strings, in a powerful rhythm, and electronic sounds around the beautiful voice of Celia Do .

“The song talks about how women can be imprisoned by society in predetermined roles and how they can break free from these stereotypes to express their strong and fierce side. Modern Metal opens a new era and encourages women to dare to assert themselves as they wish”
explains founder Celia Do.

The band recently released the single “I Love The Way You Fall”, available on all digital platforms, along with the music video on Youtube, which has already accumulated more than 110 thousand views, and IGTV. “The video was filmed in the streets of Paris during the lockdown. I called it the ‘official Lockdown music video’ because nothing can stop the music!”, reports the vocalist. The song continues the ODC‘s powerful and emotional song streak, fueled with a modern sense, with its thunderous drum beats, magnificent guitars and, of course, Celia Do‘s electrifying vocals. Check out the songs on Spotify
ODC is the alternative rock and metal project created and led by Celia Do. The band has refined a diverse rock sound that draws on influences from modern metal, nu-metal and alternative metal, a fusion of different influences. Modernizing rock and metal is the band’s credo. The vocalist founded the band in 2017 in Paris, France. The first EP ‘Ending The Boredom’ was released in 2019, followed by a series of singles. The cover for Billie Eilish‘s famous hit “You Should See Me in a Crown” totaled over 600,000 streams on Spotify and YouTube and was placed on over 3,000 playlists.  
Spotify’s editorial teams have placed ODC on several of their top international playlists, including “Heavy Queens”, “New Core”, “New Metal Tracks”, “New Blood”, etc. The band is also on the official playlist of Nuclear Blast.

[September 23, 2021]
alternative metal, modern rock
Base:  Paris, France
Label / Booking / Press: 
BloodBlast Distrubution / Reverbera Music Media

Recording: ODC
 Production: ODC
Master and mixing: ODC
Artwork: Guillaume Valadeau
Photo: Emeric Gallego
Line up:
Celia Do (vocals)
Raphael (guitar)
Sonny (bass)
Robin (drums)



Press: contato@reverberamusicmedia.com

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