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PHENOMY – single “When The Darkness Comes” from album “Syndicate Of Pain”

Dr Shuman : “First it was the experiments, then there was the knowledge and then came the power of possession and manipulation. It felt godly to be able to create and destroy lives and matter. It became addictive, the greed feeds of the soul of men and vanity makes them feel flawless. At some point we feel in control and indestructible until we realize we are just a fragile pile of dust roaming in the devil’s den. And you took advantage of that, you knew that this is what would keep me going and you were just sitting there watching me dance like a puppet in your hands. Doing all the tricks and then taraaa voila, you earned it all” 

Lebanese thrash / groove metal titans Phenomy have unleashed their blistering new album 

‘Syndicate Of Pain’, out March 3rd 2022, along with harrowing animation video ‘Lead Me To My Throne’. ‘Syndicate Of Pain’ is a concept album about an asylum ran by Dr Anton Shuman, a mad scientist that is manipulating criminals and patients labelled insane in his facility. The album later reveals that these patients are not being cured, but are part of a bigger and darker project, that even Dr Schuman himself is being deceived by. 

“Syndicate Of Pain”
[March 3rd 2022]
groove metal
Base:  Beirut, Lebanon

Label / Booking / Press:

Angels PR music Promotion



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