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‘Whisper In The Dark’ is a narration about how cruel people can be in the grip of power. How some are willing to sacrifice anything for their own benefit. Religion, war, media, anxiety of the young people are just tools for them. We are just tools for them. 

Sprague Dawley has gathered different perspectives to their music that tell about sorrow and pain people feel. Even when the subject is really sinister, the outcome has variable vibes in it. Musically Sprague Dawley has advanced from the last album and they define their genre as grunge based rock, though their music is influenced also with various elements and genres.

“New album contains even more influences from a variety of different genres, but we have not drifted too far from our roots. More likely we feel that we have just found some depth that was missing earlier. Musically as well as in compositions. ‘Whisper In The Dark’ is a concept album, and while the songs on this album are different from one another, there is still a story, that goes along with the album.

Sprague Dawley was formed 2008. Since then there has been some line-up changes. 3rd album is now on it’s way, and if we have learned something, it could be summed to phrase, “music comes first, all the shit comes second”
– Janne Nurmi / Sprague Dawley

"Whisper In The Dark"  

[September 11, 2019]

Grunge, Rock

Base: Finland

Label / Booking / Press:

Inverse Records / Secret Entertainment




… “The Grand Escape”



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