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After a three-year wait, last week Greece’s “drone’n’roll” act Mechanimal (Giannis Papaioanou, Freddie Faulkenberry) returned with the new song “Easy Dead,” the A-side of their new EP, “White Flag Single”, due out June 21st. Now Athenian’s scene pioneers, Mechanimal are sharing a new clip for their new EP’s B-side “Red Mirror”.

Giannis P. – “The video for “Red Mirror” was shot and directed by John Karabelas. We all admire the way images and video can be bitcrushed and pixelated and kinetic, so they turn more to some abstract painting than encoding errors. We love this kind of glitched-out aestheticism that actually has roots in net art movement of the early aughts. It’s all about hacking, cloning and copying our own stuff, when questions about rights and authenticity really become issues.”

Freddie F. – “Red Mirror is a hymn to reconstruction, rebirth, and all that comes hand in hand with that, destruction, erasing and rebuilding. It’s about decline, but not necessarily with a negative outcome.”
With the White Flag Single, which prepares the release of their fourth album, Mechanimal are closing the cycle of a revealing journey that began with the industrial dystopian landscapes of their first homonymous album back in 2012, entered a post-punk electro track with Secret Science in 2014 and boldly delivered to Delta Pi Delta’s flawed crack in 2016.
The two new songs of White Flag Single do not raise the white flag that states an unconditional surrender but the one that sets the end of all personal, social, secular warfare of the past. In Easy Dead, the world’s innocent history is written from the outset – as a warning for the future, and in Red Mirror the only force for survival is revealed: the one that takes the form of a redemptive disaster with the sole purpose of starting everything from scratch.
The theatrical vocals – a trademark of Mechanimal’s collaboration with Freddie Faulkenberry – meet guitar distortion (by Jimmy Polioudis on Easy Dead and George Theofanidis on Red Mirror), just at the point where shoegazing breaks the precious repetitive materials of motorik drone n ‘roll, which Mechanimal has defined with each one of their short or long stories, over a decade that, if had they not existed, would seek them out as its most sophisticated soundtrack.
The artwork of the single is based on an idea by Angelica Vrettou. The video of Easy Dead is directed by Christos Sarris. The video of Red Mirror is directed by John Karabelas.

“White Flag Single” 
[June 21, 2019]

Genre: Post-Punk, Dark Ambient, Goth


Athens, Greece

Label / Booking / Press:
Inner Ear Records


… “Red Mirror”



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