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Surfer Joe
“World Traveler”
out on September 1st 2021

Time passes quickly and at some point it is inevitable to contemplate your achievements, experiences, regrets and what you would do differently if given the opportunity. One thing is certain: traveling around the world enriches your soul and offers new perspectives and varying points of view.

Travel can be like a drug: it’s addicting and, if done regularly, it becomes part of an expanded state of mind. When traveling, daily inspiration comes from everywhere, feeds your heart and changes you forever.

That is where this album comes from: dreams, guitars, people, food, sounds, cars, places, family. It all mixes with your roots and, in the case of Surfer Joe, turns into the instrumental surf music of a true World Traveler.

“World Traveler”
Surfer Joe
[September 1, 2021]
instrumental rock, surf rock,
Base:  Livorno, Italy


All songs written, recorded and produced by Lorenzo “Surfer Joe” Valdambrini.
Cover artwork by Frida Valdambrini.

… “Rebel Princess”


Info: www.surfmusic.net
FB / IG: @lorenzosurferjoe
Spotify: www.surfmusic.net/spotify

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