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out on February 20th 2021 

“Xenophilia” is a turbulent album for these turbulent times, where the people in this world are being divided, displaced, misguided and misled.
War, greed and social injustice are driving people from their homes, causing fear and distress, spurring them into the unknown. The future looks bleak.
The media paints this picture, spraying us with horror, shock and awe. Every day we are confronted with problems of the world of a magnitude we cannot handle.
The world is moving too fast and many cannot keep up. The rise of the right, nationalist movements with followers hell bent on keeping strangers without, all the while ignoring the simple truth: we are one. We are all the same.
The big index fingers waving incessantly, correcting any who deviate from the correct opinion, oh so tolerant, yet intolerant to recognise: we are one. We are all the same.
Fear drives those who have nothing but their tradition, nation and flag.
Fear drives those who have everything and everything to lose. The future is bleak. If it is driven by fear.
Yet “Xenophilia” is not about fear. It is about progress. We must move forward and embrace the unknown. It is a chance to learn, to grow and to give.
In a brave new world there can be no fear. We cannot claim to know the truth and ban others from voicing their concern. We cannot continue to be divided, because deep down we cannot fail to accept: we are one. We are all the same. 

[February 20, 2021]
progressive rock, instrumental, math rock, post-rock
Base:  Hamburg, Germany
Label / Booking / Press: Viral Propaganda PR


Recorded and produced on a DIY-approach by guitarist and vocalist Nick Braren between late 2018 and early 2020, largely due to Nick’s background in audio and a common desire to retain all creative freedom during the process, “Xenophilia” is set for release on February 20th.  The extended timeframe of the project was largely a result of other projects and work commitments, yet the ideas were given time to mature between tracking the band live at the end 2018 and the production, overdubs and mixing work which took place over the next year. Like the proverbial art that cannot be rushed, this was an album that evolved over time and sees Vandemonian fusing the very best elements of prog rock and post-rock. 

… “National Insecurity”



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