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The release date of Emilya ndMe’s second single, Yellow Led, is scheduled
for September 15:
electronic and rock sounds, panoramic pads and

synthesizers, distorted guitars, sweet and penetrating vocals,
deep drums.

“I wrote Yellow Led reflecting on my relationship with religion: a
conflict is always present in me, between the religiosity that I
most understand as spirituality and the rationality or material
interpretation of life events.


Yet every time I find myself in danger or in painful situations, I
have always sought help and strength in what is not seen, seeking
contact with nature as if it were a portal between this world and

Yellow led talks about this experience: “no other way, no other way
to avoid that knife, except through you” and more over “you know
I’m blind” are phrases that lead to the language of sacred texts,
the expiation of pain through something , the concept of
blindness, as an inability to see God and the truth

Already in the title “Yellow led” there is the use of the metaphor
of light as a search for another awareness, of another life, like
something that lights up in the dark “

The video clip tells, through the cross-section of an ordinary
day, what Yellow led describes. The light is present throughout
the video, belongs to the reflection of the mirror on the box of
memories that starts the story, in the sun between the leaves or
the sunset light that shines on the water

Adult moments of solitary meditation alternate with the childish
play that tears and distracts from complications, from memories
and nostalgia depicted through the photo album.

The memory dimension returns with the old photo that appears
floating on the water, the only surreal moment of the video,
instead totally based on concrete gestures and tangible feelings.

That photo is precisely the “portal” that, around a certain point,
nature offers to connect this world to another that is not seen:
for those who believe, in a dimension of beyond, for those who do
not rely on religion, in a world of energies that envelop and
connect everything and everyone between the past (photo), the
present (what happens in the video’ meantime) and the future (the
"Yellow Led"  


[September 15, 2019]

Genre: Indie rock, Electro-Pop

Base:  Italy

Label / Booking / Press:

Cockroach International Production / Vez Communication

Lyrics and Music | Lauretta Grechi Galeno
Arrangement | Lauretta Grechi Galeno, Alessandro Ciapica
Vocals, synths, bass | Lauretta Grechi Galeno
Guitars, bass, drums | Alessandro Ciapica
Recorded by Lauretta Grechi Galeno, Emilya ndMe studio
Mix // Gabriele Pallanca, Genova Records
Master // Mattia Cominotto, Greenfog Studio
Video | Lucerna Films
Director | Andrea Larosa
Executive Producer | Beppe Platania


/yellow led/

no other way, no other way to avoid that knife 
except through you.
there is a time, there is a moment to connect my mind to me and you

Now hear me, while i’m collapsing down
Can you ear me cry? you know i’m blind

another day, another creepy walking way
exactly on the edge
there was a time, there was a moment to connect my mind but where are you
My Yellow Led My Yellow Led
Can you hear me, while i’m collapsing down?
Just you hear me cry, you know i’m blind



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