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“You Mark Me the Deepest”
out on September 3rd 2021

The first installment for the Brindisi, Italy duo Nightcrush, “You Mark Me the Deepest” offers a powerful glimpse into the alluringly textured heart of their composition. Finding an elegant yet muscular crossroads of romanticism and darkness, “You Mark Me the Deepest” perfectly captures the band’s seamless unification of industrial and synthwave with shoegaze and dream pop. Melodious synths intermingle with vocals that seem to echo from a place just out of reach, delivering an ethereal dreaminess that is tethered to robust, propulsive beats that bind everything together into a uniquely hypnotic stylistic marriage. 

“You Mark Me the Deepest”
[September 3, 2021]
doomgaze, new retrowave, shoegaze, synthgaze
Base:  Italy
Label / Booking / Press:
Shunu Records


Raffaele Galasso: vocals, synth, programming
Alessandra Cesano: guitars
Written by Raffaele Galasso and Alessandra Cesano.
Produced by Raffaele Galasso.

… “Lonely sea”



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