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out on December 11th 2020 

On their third full-length album JARS turn away from straight-forward politicised punk rock of “Подлог” (Forgery) EP to more complicated sound and personal lyrics, keeping their recognisable anger and loudness. Since the latest release and a month-long tour from Russia to Portugal and back, the band’s line-up changed by two-thirds. With their new drummer Mikhail Rackaev and bassist Pavel Orlov JARS sound melodic and groovy, sometimes even blending funk influences, while guitar and vocals by Anton Obrazeena stay ugly, abrasive and sharp, reminding of Shellac, Drive Like Jehu and Årabrot. The first half of new record rushes forward with hardcore punk and metal-infused riffs; the band literally builds walls of noise like Swans or My Bloody Valentine do. After the “Ultramarathon” things get darker and slower, ending with a 10-minute epic “Moscow does not believe in tears”, which deals with morbid themes like domestic violence and stalking. All in all, this album is a highlight in Jars discography, and they know it, giving the release just a twisted russian version of a band’s name with a number – ДЖРС III.

[December 11th 2020]
noise rock, punk, post hardcore
Base:  Russia
Label / Booking / Press:

Co-production with  Forbidden Place records (USA)




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