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A Crime Called…
release “Primal Echoes”
out on December 15th 2023

Alt-rock act A Crime Called… have announced their new EP “Primal Echoes”, due on release on December 15th and produced by Andrea Verdi and Andrea Bertolini. “It is the travel diary of the last two years, facts of forced start and stop, due by a period of restrictions, pandemics, wars…” explains their frontman Andrea Verdi“The mission remains the same: telling with music, driven by the fire of passion, recalled by the charm of instruments and songs, awakened once again by that primordial echo that has always pushed us to overcome our limits”.

Alongside the announcement, A Crime Called… have shared their new single “Miracle” accompanied by a video: “We live waiting for something extraordinary, something that can change our life. But someone takes advantage of this, trying to subjugate us with false myths, everyone with his modern miracle. The spiritual sphere and consumerism are mixed in a chaotic present for an uncertain future”.

"Primal Echoes"  

A Crime Called…
[December 15th 2023]
alternative rock

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 01 On These Days 
02 Back And Forth  
03 Miracle  
04 Sleep Walk  
05 Down The Line 
06 Scratched 
07 Tears(R)Blind  
08 Circles

… “On These Days”


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