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Death Metal act Embryo announces hot details about their new & fourth LP under the name of “A Step Beyond Divinity”, due out on October 27th (Spain) and November 24th worldwide. Cover artwork has been created by artist Seth Siro Anton (SepticFlesh) who created artworks for artists such as Kamelot, Moonspell, Soilwork, Exodus, Noctem, Heaven Shall Burn, Caliban, Job For A Cowboy, Decapitated, Vader etc.
Combining the most violent Death Metal with atmospheric arrangements Embryo defines their
sound as technical but keeping the essence of the Old School.

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The band was born in the year 2000. Combining the most brutal Death Metal with atmospheric arrangements Embryo defines their sound as technical but keeping the essence of the Old School. After releasing three albums of studio: ”Chaotic Age”, ”No God Slave” (2010) and ”Embryo” 2015) and sharing stages internationally with artists such as Keep of Kalessin, Melechesh, Nile, Tribulation … Embryo are ready to unleash their new and fourth full length on October 27th (Spain) and November 24th through Art Gates Records worldwide.

“A Step Beyond Divinity”


“A Step Beyond Divinity”

[November 24, 2017]

Genere: Death Metal

Base: Cremona, Italy

Label / Booking / Press:
Art Gates Records / Atomic Stuff






Roberto Pasolini // Vocals
Eugenio Sambasile // Guitars
Simone Solla // Keyboards
Danilo Arisi // Bass
Enea Passarella // Drums
“A Step Beyond Divinity” (2017. Art Gates Records)
“Embryo” (2015)
“No God Slave” (2010)
“Chaotic Age”

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Domination Studio by Simone Mularoni (DGM), produced by
Simone Mularoni and Embryo.


“The Same Difference”

About “The Same Difference” single Embryo states:
We choose “The Same Difference” as first single because it’s a typical Embryo song, it has all our trademarks and it’s a sort of “bridge” between our previous album and the evolution we’re going through in the new one. The video has been directed by Salvatore Perrone (Fleshgod Apocalypse, DGM, Modern Age Slavery, Parkway Drive, Dillinger Escape Plane and many many more) who already worked with us for almost all our official videos. We gave him the song and the lyrics and he created this story about the “obsession” of Leonardo for understanding the human body, a priority and an “uncontrolled push” that led him to isolate himself and to ignore everything around him. He was fighting within his soul a war between his principles and his thirst of knowledge: the love and respect for any form of life that he always put above everything else had been overthrown by “the beast” of understanding. The location where we recreated Leonardo’s room is an old building whose last usage has been as a bakery till the mid 20th century. The ambience during recordings has been very relaxed and friendly and we all have been mesmerized by the two barn owls that “played” in the video, they’re such amazing and fascinating creatures!


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