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Icelandic singer, Hákon Aðalsteinsson (formerly of Singapore Sling, currently touring in Brian Jonestown Massacre) kicked off his solo project, The Third Sound, with an album of dark psychedelia recorded while living in Rome, released in 2011.
Evolving into a solid lineup of surly musical henchmen now relocated to Berlin, the band’s fourth and most refined album arrives via Fuzz Club records as an exploration of dark post punk, 60’s psychedelia and garage.
The new album called All Tomorrow’s Shadows was recorded over the harsh Berlin winter by the band themselves while locked away in their suitably minimal basement studio. Hákon, now collaborating more closely than ever on new material with Robin Hughes on guitars and Antonio D’Orazio on bass, together with drummer Fred Sunesen, delivers his trademark deep, haunting vocals over a more sparse and rhythmic backing than their previous outings.
it’s a punchy yet flowing collection of 60’s psychedelia, hypnotic guitar drones, garage, motorik rhythms inspired by German music from the 70’s, or even colder, harsher and darker sounds originating from the post punk era layered together and topped off by a surprisingly raw vocal from Anton Newcombe on the final album track, Photographs. Anton, having been sent a quick demo of the instrumental song by the band, instead of replying and saying “Hey, nice tune” simply returned the track immediately with his inspired vocal on top, as you do!
Before moving to Rome and Starting The Third Sound, Hákon played guitar with the Icelandic band Singapore Sling and whilst touring with them he met Anton Newcombe, leader of The Brian Jonestown Massacre. After relocating to Berlin, Hákon met up with Anton again who helped the new band by releasing their first record on his label ‘a’ Recordings ltd. The Third Sound went on to open for The Brian Jonestown Massacre and the two of them have continued to collaborate on different projects.
Hákon will be joining Brian Jonestown Massacre on guitar for their 2018 tour. He has also played together in a project with Anton and Canadian singer Tess Parks, who added her glorious vocals on the mournful duet with Hákon, You Are Not Here, from The Third Sound album Gospels of Degeneration (2016). Anton also sings on the track Photographs from the new album.
All Tomorrow’s Shadows is their third album to be released on Fuzz Club records.
The album is scheduled for release by end of April / early May to be preceded by singles.
The Third Sound , 2011. ‘a’ Recordings ltd.
The Third Sound of Destruction and Creation, 2013. Fuzz Club Records
Gospels of Degeneration, 2016. Fuzz Club Records
All Tomorrow’s Shadows, 2018. Fuzz Club Records
The Third Sound has shared stage with bands such as: The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Warlocks, Singapore Sling, Clinic, The Crocodiles, Camera, The Underground Youth, Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds, The Liminanas and many others….
“All Tomorrow’s Shadows”

The Third Sound

“All Tomorrow’s Shadows”

[May 11, 2018]

rock, psychedelic

Berlin, Germany

Label / Booking:
Fuzz Club Records





“Nine Miles Below”

The Third Sound

Fuzz Club Records



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