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Colonel Petrov’s Good Judgement
“Among Servants” 

The Colonel’s second album marks a departure from the almost exclusively instrumental style of their first 2016 release Moral Machine.
Though Among Servants features songs, the group’s eclectic approach is heavy, experimental and dark nevertheless – a post-modern voodoo mass, violently meditating on issues of our time from the dependence on social media (Providers) to the warmongering rhetoric of Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un – The lyrics to Fire and Fury (The Poetry of War) consist solely of quotes by these two gentlemen.
Among Servants features guest vocalist Christian Kolf who is known for his bands Valborg and OWL.

Sebastian Müller – Guitar
Leonhard Huhn – Sax, Vocals
Reza Askari – Bass
Rafael Calman – Drums
Christian Kolf – Guest Vocals on Fire and Fury (The Poetry of War) and Bad Shepherd

 “Among Servants”

Colonel Petrov’s Good Judgement

[September 14, 2018]

experimental rock, jazz, rock, progressive, psychedelic, sludge metal

Base: Cologne, Germany

Label / Booking / Press:

Moral Machine / Viral Propaganda PR




All music and lyrics written by Sebastian Müller published by Fattoria Musica Musikverlag GmbH
Produced by Benno Glüsenkamp, Sebastian Müller and Rafael Calman
Recorded and engineered by Benno Glüsenkamp, Jan Kuhn and Steffen Lütke at Fattoria Musica, Osnabrück
Mixed by Jan Kuhn
Mastered by Steffen Lütke
Cover Artwork by Sebastian Müller and Kristina Brauweiler


“Among Servants”


Colonel Petrov's Good Judgement


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