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Ottone Pesante
“…and the Black Bells rang”
out on March 4th 2021

“Black Bells of Destruction”

This original lineup, composed by trumpet, trombone and drums, with a unique and

inimitable sound, let Ottone Pesante be one of the first Brassmetal band in the world.

They have success in different musical scenes because they destroyed a lot of boundaries
between genres.

“…and the Black Bells rang”
Ottone Pesante
[March 4, 2021]
black metal, death metal, doom metal
Faenza, Italy

“And the black bells rang”
is out!!!!
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Label / Booking / Press: 

Aural Music / NeeCee Agency / el borracho bookings

Artwork by Libero Foschi



Tour: Tour Will Come When The Black Bells Ring

Date | City | Venue

01/04/22 Bologna (IT) Circolo DEV
02/04/22 Busto Arsizio (IT) Circolo Gagarin
03/04/22 Pescara (IT) Scumm
04/04/22 Latina (IT) Sottoscala 9
05/04/22 Roma (IT) 30 Formiche
07/04/22 Torino (IT) Blah Blah
08/04/22 Padova (IT) Circolo Nadir
09/04/22 Ferrara (IT) Black Star

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