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Not afraid of fear

Take old school Death Metal, add a healthy dose of Groove, a pinch of Thrash and round it up with a lot of melody … and you’ll get the powerful MELODIC DEATH THRASH METAL essence of DESDEMONIA.


DESDEMONIA explains the thematic background:
“As you can probably tell by the title ‚Anguish‘, the song deals with fears that everyone of us has. We all have to deal with our inner demons, our deepest fears and negative thoughts on a regular basis, even if you’re a positive thinking person. They emerge from the deepest, darkest inner-self and can be abstract and mysterious. Angst is palpable and related to real-life situations, like survival in a fast-changing world, where known structures are quickly disappearing. Fears can also result from death. Even though it’s omnipresent in all media these days, people have unlearned how to deal with it in a reasonable way. We fear the lack of life that it induces more than death itself. Moreover, the lyrics were written during a pretty short period of time, during which we had a lot to deal with … that also had a great impact on the theme of the whole album.”
After years of efforts and experiences, DESDEMONIA’s fourth longplayer “Anguish” have been released in March 2018 via Mighty Music


[November 16, 2018]

from Anguishalbum [March 23, 2018]

Genre: death metal, groove, melodic death metal, metal

Base: Luxembourg

Label / Booking / Press:





On “Anguish”, the quartet yet again combine catchiness with raw, vicious riffage and grim weighty vocals, while more quiet and melodic moments give their music the right dynamics. The aggressive and gloomy atmosphere is being underlined by lyrics that explore the fears and dark thoughts of the human mind. This contemporary issue being universal, all four band members shared their thoughts and contributed to the lyric

Tom Dosser (vocals, bass)
Marc Dosser (guitars, vocals)
David Wagner (guitars)
Tom Michels (drums)





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