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Croatia’s heavy/power metal band SAGE ink a worldwide deal with ROCKSHOTS RECORDS!Hailing from Croatia, the rising stars SAGE have just signed a worldwide record deal with ROCKSHOTS RECORDS for the release of their debut album “Anno Domini 1573”!
The album is about the Peasants’ Revolt, a metaphor of the battle between good and evil, honesty and greed. SAGE delivers a mix of heavy, power and progressive metal, even though is hard to define it specifically due to the band’s unique style.

… “Treason


“The band name SAGE means both the plant and flower sage and ‘a wise old man'”, comments Enio Vučeta, guitarist and backup singer of the band, a living legend of the Croatian rock/metal scene, “We wanted to connect this to ourselves in a way because we are composed of several generations of Croatian musicians and we have great ambitions for our music to make a breakthrough in the whole world.”


“Anno Domini 1573”


[September 21, 2018]

Heavy / Power / Progressive

Base: Zagreb, Croatia

Label / Booking:

Rockshots Records




Lead Vocals – Davor Bušljeta |
Guitar & Back Vocals – Enio Vučeta |
Bass – Marko Karačić |
Guitar & Back Vocals – Branimir Habek |
Keyboards & Back Vocals – Andrej Božić |
Drums- Goran Mikulek


… “Battle”




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