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Italian metalcore act ASTRALINE is glad to announce the release of the new EP “Ghost In The Shell”, co-written, produced, mixed & mastered by Jarno Bellasio (Theorem Studio) and available now in all digital platforms in partnership with Superbia Music Group.

To celebrate the release, the band has revealed a new video for the title track, as explained by them: “With this EP, we aimed to further experiment, pushing beyond the boundaries of our musical comfort zone. The self-titled single marks a turning point for us, with introspective lyrics reflecting the theme of emotional scars and the strength found in overcoming adversity. Like ghosts inhabiting a shell, the wounds of the past become an integral part of identity, transforming into a source of strength and resilience. This metaphor conjures the image of a soul wrapped in an outer shell, formed by the wounds endured, continuing to fight and emerge ever stronger. Through meaningful choruses and music alternating between explosive beats and more melodious parts, we hope to have conveyed our idea of music. With ‘Ghost In The Shell’ we continue our musical journey with determination and passion. We look forward to sharing this new chapter of our journey with those who support us. We are looking forward to start this new season announcing some new dates for this spring, so stay tuned!”.

"Ghost In The Shell" 

[March 28 2024]
Base:  Italy

Label / Booking / Press:

Superbia Music Group / PR Logde

“Astraline – GHOST IN THE SHELL “


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