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out on November 5th 2021

“…we will rebuild Babylon, we will return to the ancient Antioch, we will restore the Harlotry… vote LUCIFER FOR PRESIDENT”.

No, this is not the new election campaign of yet another party but it is the presentation of intentions of LUCIFER FOR PRESIDENT who release their debut album “Asylum”.
Their Raw Metal / Horror Punk sound is brutal and wild as their concerts, a sick mix of old Black Metal, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Punk and Horror Music inspired by bands like VENOM, BATHORY, CELTIC FROST, MISFITS, MOTÖRHEAD and ALICE COOPER. Someone described their music as if HARDCORE SUPERSTAR, SEX PISTOLS, DEATH SS and MOTÖRHEAD play together for a crazy jam session of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.
The protagonists of this creature are N-Ikonoclast, Danjal, Demian De Saba and Legione A.D. Antiochia (aka Samael Von Martin) former members of cult bands of Italian scene such as EVOL, ENSOPH, DEATH DIES, MAD AGONY, SATANEL. 

[November 5, 2021]
hardcore, heavy metal, punk
Padova, Italy
My Kingdom Music


Record label: My Kingdom Music
Recorded at Von Martin “Haunted House” during the 2019-2020-2021 Pandemic World Tour
Mixed by DDS and Legione at Thorazine Music Studio.
Mastered by Alessandro “Algol” Comerio at Daemon Star Studio.
Line Up: N-Ikonoclast – lead vocals; Danjal – bass; Demian De Saba – ritual drums; Legione A.D. Antiochia – guitars, chains, whip, jackhammer and additional vocals
Guests: Maria Pedroni – medium, visions and Arts; Jiehna – gears under pressure, mechanisms; Alessandro “Algol” Comerio – narration on “Planet Lucifer”; Nat Branko “The Witch” – keys, chaos and alchemy on “Planet Lucifer”
Artwork, Digital treatments, layout by Maria Pedroni

… “Sex, Drugs And Rock n’ Roll”



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