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release “The Sweet Smell of Unrest”
out on February 2nd 2024

“The Sweet Smell of Unrest” is the Debut album about noise/sludge rock trio band BARATRO, out on Feb 2nd on LP/CD/Digital. Featuring Unsane’s bassist Dave Curran, guitarist Federico Bonuccelli (Council of Rats) and drummer Luca Antonozzi (Marnero) the new album is a maelstrom of stabbing distortion, breakneck rhythms and titan-sized bass lines that charge ahead mercilessly. Crushing and uncompromising!

Each song on their upcoming debut album “The Sweet Smell Of Unrest” explores a different texture of Baratro’s arsenal, and while their sonic essence is clearly recognizable in every track there is a variety of moods to be expected – from uptempo hardcore assaults to nasty doomy breakdowns, all mixed up with their penchant for odd time signatures and Curran’s trademark heavy grooves. The album was fully recorded, mixed and mastered by the band.

"The Sweet Smell of Unrest"  

[February 2nd 2024]
noise rock, post-hardcore, sludge
Milano, Italy


1.Fight the Parking Meter 
2.Pay Dirt 
3.The Bad, the Bad, and the Ugly 
4.Don’t look at me, I’m Hideous 
6.It’s all your fault, Timmy 
7.Pope of Dope 
8.Nervous Wreck 

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“The Sweet Smell of Unrest” will be released in LTD Dirty Red vinyl, black vinyl, CD and digital.

… “The Bad, The Bad And The Ugly “


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