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“Benefit for Iggy’s shirt”
out on October 10th 2019 

… “i dont want to live like that”

“Bedirty”: one of the most famous Brian Eno ‘Oblique Strategies’ went like this, and Slovenian alternative outfit 7AM seems to have made it their first commandment. In aworld that wants the surface to be manically clean, theproduction of their new album Benefit for Iggy ́s shirtis as dirty as a record can be, and it perfectly works. Their style makes immediately think ofa jam between JMascis, Kim Gordon and Steve Shelley, which is a real pleasure to hear for any good old alternative rock fan. Though they’re no stranger tocatchy pop melodies, whichseem to naturally spring here and there in the songs, giving birth to a perfect balance with the dirt. Deeply rooted in the punk DIY ethics, the band has gaineda consistent live experience aftertwo long EU and UK tours, with over 70 concerts.
Benefit for Iggy’s shirtis their first full length album as atrio, and it ́s going to be self-released (like their previous releases) on the band’s label Pigpower.

7AM is a three piece band consisting of founding members Anabel – bass, vocals and Mico – guitar, vocals, later joined by drummer Davor.
The band has released two albums, Bonustrack (2016) and 7AM (2018). Everything concerning 7AM is organized and done by themselves, from hand printing t-shirts to organizing the tours. Regarding the process of recording, the band says “it wascloser to painting a big canvas than to recording a musicalbum. Last second spontaneous arrangement changes, adding vocals where they were not supposed to be, improvising solos and other guitar parts, overdubbing drumfills, changing main vocal lines, adding cheap synth soundsand so on and on”. They decided to trade “the perfect sound“ for this creative process.
The album has been arranged, produced, recordedand mixed by the band itself in one little room on their 7AMfarm in summer of 2019.

"Benefit for Iggy's shirt"  

[October 10, 2019]

Genre: alternative, garage, punk 

Base:  Slovenia

Label / Booking / Press:

Kool Thinghs PR

… “everytime”




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