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Seven years after the previous recording “Deadline”, THE LAST HOUR returns with the new album Black Eyes, 8 songs of post-cold darkwave. “Black Eyes” is a portal towards the innermost cosmic spaces, parallel universes, dystopian and mirror worlds.

THE LAST HOUR is the project of Roberto Del Vecchio, Italian composer since 1994. He founded projects such as Gothica (two albums released by Cold Meat Industry), Les Jumeaux Discordants (Athanor Records) and Shadoworld. The first The Last Hour song was “Into Empty Depth” and appeared on “Flowers Made of Snow”, a Cold Meat Industry sampler (2004). In December 2008, debut CD of the same name came out on Other Voices Records. In December 2014, Seventh Crow Records released the second album “Deadline”. The new album Black Eyes is out now featuring Carlo Baldini (bass and synth).

Carlo Baldini is a bassist, songwriter and producer from Italy, involved in a few projects such as Port Claire and The Nine Tears. As a reverb and echoes enthusiast, his music revolves around creating environments and atmospheres spacing out from shoegaze to ambient music and post rock. His latest album as Port Claire, called “Who Turned Down The Volume of The World?”, went out in September 2021 and he’s currently working on more solo music and in different projects.

“Black Eyes”
[February 2, 2022]
electronic, coldwave, dark ambient, darkwave, gothic
Vasto, Italy

Label / Booking / Press: 

The White Room Netlabel

… “Black Eyes”



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