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Breakmatt Fastgyver
“The Gardens, At Night”
Live at Circolo AN Ponte

song taken
from “The light inside is broken but I still deliver” – EP, 2019


It’s not my body begging me to slow down, it’s not the dreams I buried underground, and it’s not that everyone seem to settle down and find their own ikigai while I’m still here in constant motion, yet frozen in time

It’s not my memories fading away, it’s not life getting harder every day. I guess I am aware this is all part of the game. No, the reason why sometimes I feel so old is how I miss

Our conversations, our endless dialogues at night. We used to share our hearts and countless bottles of cheap wine and we were young and frail but not alone. We used to feel so beautiful when we shared all our flaws

But then years go by, we all take our separate ways. And then we drift apart in time. Today our scripts read reassuring lines. Can we really say we’re doing just fine? Did we grow scared to reveal ourselves? Is it a consequence of life?

Sometimes I wish we could go back in time and remember what it felt like when we met at the gardens at night

"The light inside is broken but I still deliver"  

[March 2, 2019]
punk, punk rock
Milano, Italy


Titolo: the gardens, at night
Credits: song and lyrics by BMFG
Album/singolo: The light inside is broken but I still deliver, EP, 2019



Footage estratto del 01-10-2023
al Circolo AN Ponte Circolo Anarchico “Ponte della Ghisolfa” di Milano –
Riprese video e montaggio di: CP – Video & Photo Editing
Foto by @cp_prs





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