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release “Eden’s Gardens”
out on October 13th 2023

Italy-based Post-Punk duo DRAMA EMPEROR is back with “Eden’s Gardens” EP, a collection of two brand new songs, their 2020 stand-alone single “The Ghost In You” and two remixes by high-profile musicians  such as Guido Möbius and Soft Riot’s Jack Duckworth, a reminder of their unique blend of Electro Indie  Rock and Darkwave as well as a foretaste of their new material.


Michele Caserta (Vocals, Electronics) 
Cristiano Ballarini (Vocals, Guitars)

"Eden's Gardens"  

[October 13, 2023]
Electro Indie Rock / Post-Punk

Label / Booking / Press: 

Vanni ZOT Export


DRAMA EMPEROR is a duo formed in 2009 by Michele Caserta and Cristiano Ballarini, both from Italy. Michele (Shesgot, Twin Towers) lives in a small village in the countryside of the beautiful Marche region while Cristiano (Paddy, Planetanon) is now based in Milan. Maybe it was this clash between lifestyles that led to their striking mixture of styles: Electro Indie Rock, Post-Punk and Darkwave shape the skeleton of their eclectic songs. Examples of this can be found in all their releases, starting from their 2010 self-titled ep, through their debut lp of 2013 “Paternoster In Betrieb” (featuring a track produced by Martin Bisi, known for his work with Sonic Youth, Swans and John Zorn) and their sophomore of 2016 “All Of These Days” (produced by Schwefelgelb’s Sid Lamar), up to this day with this brand new 2023 ep “Eden’s Gardens”. This last digital release features remixes by Soft Riot and Guido Möbius as well as some unreleased songs like the title-track, which comes with a videoclip made by visual artist Francesco Pirro (Celery Price, Baciamibartali) and features a special guest like Fabrizio Baioni (Leda, Pierpaolo Capovilla E I Cattivi Maestri) on drums.

In Drama Emperor’s live acts both of the musicians take care of all the electronic instruments as well as vocals, guitars and occasional oddities like trumpets and percussions. Their latest tour was were enriched by the theatrical mime performances of actor Simone Levantesi, and their gigs brought them in Switzerland and Poland (other than whole Italy, of course), sharing the stage with artists like Leeroy Thornhill and Christian Death.

… “Eden’s Garden” 


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