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Brutal Cancan
release “Ecce Homo”
out on March 24th 2023

4 long tracks of extreme experimental alternative metal with Italian lyrics. Now, aren’t you curious to hear how that could sound like?

Brutal Cancan is an Italian band born in 2017, counting among its releases: a self-produced demo-EP entitled “Polemos” and the latest singles “Sarariman”, “Toxic” and “Anomie”. The members of Brutal Cancan play an eclectic and eccentric kind of Metal, inspired by their own personal vision of how extreme metal should sound today.

"Ecce Homo"  

Brutal Cancan
[March 24, 2023]
experimental, thrash metal, alternative metal
Milano, Italy


artwork by @hyperbholic/

… “La Dignità del Corpo”



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