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release “My Lunch”
out on April 14th 2023

“My lunch” is the song that gives its name to this album from which the pivotal scene from which the concept derives:

Imagine looking forward, after working hard, to a tasty and well-deserved meal, thinking about our favorite foods, those that make us feel “at home”. But here’s what our lunch really consists of: an endless vortex of meaningless consumption, leaving nothing but a pile of ash. Yet it is not possible to stop, but to continue beyond hunger, beyond need, until losing all control over oneself and one’s heritage, in a sort of hallucinated liberation from the “self”, to enter into something new, with a new consciousness.

The texts are brushstrokes of images, in which the singer-painter Luca Palazzi leaves open spaces for reflection and the imagination of the listener/hours, so that they can find their own interpretations.

The references range from social criticism, to current events (Buy, Interference, Weirdo), to sometimes melancholic, sometimes dreamlike introspection (Vanity Wheel, Mirror, Dreamers).

“In my room/ there’s a view/ in my bones/ in my brain/ there’s the clue/ in the dark/ like a stone hides his grace/ hold your breath/ come you bliss/ like a newborn/ like a newborn I’ll close my eyes”.

“My Lunch” is a record with a nocturnal and dilated mood, which flows like a stream of consciousness, in a single sound magma, post-punk and electronic, with sudden industrial turns, noise incursions, and constant psychedelic contaminations and dreamlike moments.


Luca Palazzi – Voice and drum machine 
Francesco Degli Innocenti – Guitar 
Francesca Ronconi – Synth/Piano 
Gianpaolo Rosato – Bass, theremin, dronin

"My Lunch"  

[April 14, 2023]
alternative rock,post-punk, psychedelic
Roma, Italy

The band, founded in 2017, is composed by the Romans Luca Palazzi (main vocals, lyrics, drum machine), Francesca Ronconi (keyboards-synths), Gianpaolo Rosato (bass), and the Florentine Francesco Degli Innocenti (guitar).

The name CRM (which stands for Customer Relationship “Madness”) refers to the same acronym that in the world of marketing identifies the central activity of Customer Relationship Management, emphasizing that what they normally do is considered a management activity, it but in reality is madness, a global game of manipulation of thoughts and desires. “Who Are Exactly?”, the debut album of CRM – Customer Relationship Madness, recorded and mixed by Alessandro La Padula, was released in November 2019 from Seahorse Recordings, and it’s been very positively received by critics, both nationally and internationally.

Preceded by the singles “Buy” and “Alone”, “My Lunch” is the new CRM album to be released on April 14th by Overdub Recordings and distributed throughout Europe via Code7/PHD.

Label / Booking / Press: 


Produced by CRM 
Engineered, recorded and mixed in Rome by CRM 
Mastered in Rome by LRS Factory 
All songs by CRM
All Iyrics by Luca Palazzi
Photos by Alessandro Italia
Artwork and Layout by Sean Gregory & CRM
With the participation of Elisabetta Caiani – voices and Marcello Maggi – trumpet

… “Interference”


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