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Marva Von Theo announce the release of their debut Album, called Dream within a Dream.

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The 12 songs in their Album, lean towards an electronic sound that incorporates a variety of influences ranging from the music of the 80’s until today. Darkwave sounds, Jazz harmonies, Rock and Dance drum beats resonate together and mature into something melancholically romantic.

The vocals weave this electronic veil with soul, triphop and pop textures, retaining an inner tension that seduces the listener and drifts him along in a sentimental, melancholic trip inside the personal stories that are concealed in the lyrics.
The passion of Marva Von Theo for experimentation is evident in their compositions,  seeking a way to surpass the identification or imitation of one specific genre and offer the listener the opportunity to feel and interpret the music differently upon every listen. Like a song within a song, like a Dream within a Dream

“Dream within a Dream”

Marva Von Theo

“Dream within a Dream”

[January 16, 2018]

electronic dark, electropop, indie pop, melancholic synthwave

Athens – Vienna





“Secret Lover”

Marva Von Theo


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