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[‘selvə] was founded in Lodi (Italy) during late 2013 by Alessandro Andriolo (guitars and vocals), Andrea Pezzi (bass and vocals) and Tommaso Rey (drums). The band’s sound consists of a unique twisted balance between black metal atmospherics and post rock/screamo sonorities. With their first two records “Life Habitual” and “eléo” the band received a great response from the international underground scene by playing heavy and energetic live performances along bands such as Full of Hell, Shining, Celeste, Suis La Lune. Both records have been positively reviewed all over Europe and abroad. Their newest work called “D O M A” contains two songs with a total length of 25 minutes, just enough time to reshape what used to be expected of the band. It combines elements from both the previous releases and expands the band’s character with new mood-shifting arrangements that force the listener to focus inward, while being dragged into a vortex of despair and joy, yet still leaving a gap for the audience to discover and follow [‘selvə]’s future musical evolution. With the intention of bringing their live energy into this release with no compromises on production, the band worked with Fabio Intraina at Trai Studio to get their best sounding material to date, while the master was once again handled by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Oathbreaker, Loma Prieta) at The Atomic Garden in San Francisco.

“D O M A”


“D O M A”
[February 14, 2018]

Post-black / Screamo

Lodi, Italy

Label / Booking / Press:
True Bypass Promotion




Releasing February 14, 2018 by Overdrive with the
collaboration of Shove Records and distributed by
“D O M A” will be released in vinyl, cd, tape and digital. – Limited edition tape released by:
Hesitation – Europe
Zegema Beach Records – North America
Press @ True Bypass.
Samples on “silen” produced by Francesco Anelli.
Artwork and layout by Matteo Cavalleri.
Booking: hesitationbooking@gmail.com

1) silen
2) joy


True Bypass Promotion


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