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“Down Below”
out on February 22nd 2019

Born from an idea by guitarist -viNd- during a hiatus in his other bands Manes and Atrox. He recruited a group of comrades that he knew had the live- and studio-experience he needed to get this group off its feet, and thus Drontheim was established.

Drontheim plays music on the edge between post-rock and alternative metal, infused with large amounts of atmospheric and cinematic passages. Sometimes distorted and strict, and other times dark and emotional. The members of Drontheim is or has been involved with bands like Manes, Atrox, Khonsu, Bloodthorn and more.

Thematically Drontheim is rooted in an alternative reality regarding World War II, and the many “what if’s” in relation to the outcome of the war. The band is strictly non-political with no collective agenda on any level except the artistic, but the inspiration grew from a strong interest in WWII in general, and more specifically the German vision for Neu Drontheim – New Trondheim – as the new capital for the Germanized Scandinavia.

“Down Below” is their debut album, but they have released a handful of digital singles and music videos earlier. They have been an active live band, and have a tour lined up for early 2019 in support of the album.


“Down Below”

[February 22, 2019]

Genre: industrial rock, metal,  electronic music

Base: Trondheim, Norway

Label / Booking / Press:
Wraith Productions




Deadlight (OFFICIAL VIDEO) from Drontheim



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