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Le Muffe
“Down Down Down”
out on February 14th 2022

Five years after their previous album, the furious and iconoclastic energy of Le Muffe is finally back! Since 2011 the powerful Italian trio has been playing a highly inflammable mix of garage, beat and punk.

The band’s new effort is out now: “Down, Down, Down”, their third official LP, confirms their style through 10 new songs in which you can find the essential elements that define Le Muffe’s peculiar sound. First of all, there is a musical background which is immediately recognizable but at the same time it’s so unusual because it tends to escape the genre’s stereotypes by finding its own original way within the garage, beat and punk scene!

In addition to that, there is the total absence of the guitar, with the central musical role played by the omnipresent acid organ, plus a pulsing nervous bass, and pounding aggressive drums. This exciting musical mixture supports unconventional, self-mocking and socially pungent lyrics, declaimed (mainly in Italian, but not only) by Ol Pipa with his peculiar cavernous voice.

“Down Down Down”
Le Muffe
[February 14, 2022]
rock & roll, psychedelic rock, garage rock

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Area Pirata Records / Pigmé Records / Tumulto / PARTY Tonite Booking / T. A C. Records




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