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Today we’re introducing to a metal band from Abruzzo (Italy): Anubi’s Servants

bio / about

The project was born in february 2012 thanks to the bass player (gianluca) and the drummer (andrea). It started with a different musical genre and band members (disastro sociale, punk oi), which lasted about two years. Then gianluca and andrea tried to find new band members and, in june 2014, they managed to recreate the band thanks to two frentani musicians (guitar: francesco and vocalist: antonio). Unfortunately, after a few months, they were alone again. In september 2014, karim (guitar) joined the band offering influences and genre different from the old style. the project started to grown as instrumental, inspired by thrash metal. In january 2015, in a totally unexpected way during a jam session, omar grabbed the mic and started to put together some lyrics. From then on he joins the band on a permanent basis

Bass: Gianluca Iannotti
Drums: Andrea Strino
Guitar: Karim Shokry
Vocal: Omar Shokry


Anubi’s Servants



Thrash Metal

Lanciano (CH), Italy






This Band proposes to us  their Trash metal music, with the intention to lead us in the Valley of the Kings; the lyrics of all their songs are all  focused on the Egyptian cult of the dead (that’s due to the fact that in the Shokry brothers’ veins flows egyptian Blood); The reseults  is  “Duats”: the Album sounds very strong and furious (if you only listen to songs like “The Veil of Isis”, “Sentence” or “Damned” you will understand what i’m talking about) and on stage the guys of band are thight as a fist, ready to strike. 

“Crossing The River”


Anubi’s Servants


“And now, enjoy the music and remember… It’s only Rock n’ Roll but i like it”


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