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Flowers In Dark
release “Celestial Vengeance”
out on May 20th 2023

“This is a self-produced album and is the result of a total outlet of creativity, where many musical tastes of all members merge. Influences range from Scandinavian melodic doom-death metal to gothic, from Evanescence to Dark Tranquility with dark melancholic influences. The themes deal with inner dilemmas and gothic stories in epic settings.
The songs were conceived in about two years of work. Recordings and final mastering were done at Magnitude Studio in Seregno (MB).”

"Celestial Vengeance"  

Flowers In Dark
[May 20, 2023]
gothic metal, death metal
Milano, Italy


The Flowers in Dark project was born in July 1996 from Stefano (drums) and Lele (guitar) near Milan (Italy). The songs they composed in the seasons of autumn and winter of the same year were a fusion between dark, romantic atmospheres and classic metal arrangements. In February 1997, the demo-tape called “Flowers in Dark” was released and in April 1997 Tommy (guitar), Teo (keyboards), Franco (vocals), Elena (vocals) and Andrea (bass) joined the band, but in 1997 Elisa became the new singer.
In the Autumn of 1998, Flowers in Dark completed the recording of a mini-CD containing six new songs, under the name “Here Lies The Fairy”, which was very positively reviewed by metal magazines such as Metal Shock, Metal Hammer, Rumore and Grind Zone.
1999 is an important year of live experiences, as about seventy concerts were played. The most important of them is the demonstration in Sant’Agostino, in the city of Bergamo, which sees the band on the same stage together with Anathema, Moonspell and Death SS.
Between 1999 and 2000, Flowers in Dark recorded five new songs, collected in the EP “I Made Silence Around Me”, but in the same year Elisa left the group and this marked the end of Flowers in Dark.
In 2010, there is a reunion for a concert in Sondalo, at “La Nocc”, and in the autumn of 2017 the group takes shape again with two new singers, performing live in the area on Milan.
Within a few years, the current line-up takes form: Stefano, Lele and Tommy are joyned by Paul Crow (bass), Simone (vocals) and Eleonora (vocals). In the summer of 2022 begins the recording of a studio album with 9 new songs: it is “Celestial Vengeance” and it will be released in the spring of 2023.

… “Celestial Vengeance”


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