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Halley Dna
“Futurismo e Fastidio”
out on June 1st 2021 

Halley DNA, featuring ex-members of Red Worm’s Farm, Renè Baska, Gruppo Trasversale. Bands that in the mid ’90 actually started the whole do it yourself thing in the Padova underworld. HALLEY RECORDS was the label that they run until the early 2000. The name HALLEY DNA pay tribute to those roots with his powerful and razor-shaped sound played by veterans of thousand of battles.

“Futurismo e Fastidio”
Halley Dna
[June 1, 2021]
alternative, post-punk
Base:  Padova, Italy


Recorded and mixed by Giulio Ragno Favero in January 2020
Artwork by Lucy Faery

… “Murder (a kind of)”



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