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release “Detox”
out on April 5th 2024

Grigio Scarlatto is a band formed in Padua. They have been active since 2019.

Shortly after their debut album “Antiuomo”, released in the post lock-down summer in 2022, the three young musicians met with two producers called Exit Exit.
Their collaboration has been made clear in the EPs T9 vol. 1 and T9 vol. 2, both published in 2022, when the band experiences more pop sounds, trying to remain faithful though to the genuine writing of the beginnings.

Detox”, their first adult album, stays true to their principles and proposes ethereal and fragmented sounds, all defined and clear, as those of the shoegaze and dreampop scene.
The lyrics talk about addiction, habits and routine, and describe events going round in circles that people try to escape at all costs.

Detox” tells us about the need of independence and emancipation, the fear of being alone when lights go off, even though this might be the only way for change.


[April 5th 2024]
noise pop, post punk, postrock, shoegaze
Venezia, Italy

Label / Booking / Press: 


Produced, recorded and mixed by Exit Exit – Francesco Gambarotto and Mattia Zoccarato

Drums recorded at Studio2 in Padua
Mastered by Davide Dall’Acqua at Polivox Studio in Treviso

The ghost track was mixed by Tommaso Zoppello

Grigio Scarlatto are Giovanni Stocco, Sotirios Papastefanou and Marco Gomierato

Detox was written and composed by Grigio Scarlatto, lyrics by Giovanni Stocco

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