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Self-defined as a brutal orchestra, Vampillia is a 10-piece group from Osaka, Japan constantly pushing and blurring the boundaries of sonic extremity with their beautiful yet twisted and dark blend of metal, noise, post-rock, ambient, shoegaze, classical, progressive, folk and industrial.

With origins in seminal rock group Boredoms and Ruins, Vampillia have conquered the admiration and respect of the press, the fans and their peers throughout the last thirteen years and numerous releases. Pitchfork for instance, called their 2011’s debut album “Alchemic Heart” “terrifying, exhilarating and intricate”. The album featured guest contributions from Jarboe, Merzbow and Inswarm, but the list of illustrious musicians that gave their approval and collaborated with the Japanese ensemble doesn’t end there, add Attila Csihar, Nadja, The Body and Yellow Swans between others.Yet, Vampillia were already a weirdly diverse and intriguing musical entity before these irreverent and respectable musicians showed up to help them out and judging by the forthcoming “Happiness Brought By Endless Sorrow” EP they show no signs of slowing down or compromise. Powerful, dark, intriguing yet beautifully alluring the new EP still shows the Japanese ensemble defying musical conventions and creating a sound of their own that is extremely difficult to describe let alone categorize in a single genre.

Meanwhile, besides playing at this year’s Roadburn Festival, Vampillia have also confirmed a number of shows in Europe for this month. Check out the confirmed dates below.

“Happiness Brought by Endless Sorrow”


“Happiness Brought by Endless Sorrow”

[May 01, 2018]

Brutal Orchestra


Label / Booking:
Temple of Torturous / Viral Propaganda PR





“Winter Ash”


Viral Propaganda PR
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