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The East German Death Metal Machine is back!

Theodicy is a powerful Death Metal Band from Saxonia, Germany! Strong riffs and hard lyrics about the war are the strenght of this band.…

So get ready because I AM WAR

bio / about

Founded in 1997 and after many difficulties, Theodicy now has a stable lineup und recorded an album, what they call themselves “a best-of” because there are songs from 1999 to 2010. Recorded in the band-own studio and mixed&mastered at Stage One Studio by Andy Classen (Holy Moses, Tankard, Legion Of The Damned, Belphegor). They gave birth to an intense record. War Metal is born!

“I Am War”


“I Am War”

[Decembre 15, 2017]

Death Metal

Weißwasser/Oberlausitz, Germany

Label / Booking:

Endwar Records




Gabor, (lead guitar)
Patrick (rhythm guitar, Sound-FX)
Paul (vocals, lyrics)
Milan (bass guitar, vocals, lyrics)
Henrik (drums)


“I Am War” Lyric Video



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