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release “Karisma”
out on February 29t 2024

A few years after the release of “Out of the Dark”, and preceded by the latest single “Stars Spangling”, Lato’s new album “Karisma”is on its way. It’s a concept album, and a sonic journey that starts from the groove, on which the songs float, letting the melodies paint their image son a sequence of primal rhythms. The album, out the 29th of February, isalso a visual trip: the tracks are accompanied by a series of videos that reflect the atmospheres of the songs.

“Karisma” is characterized by an original sound driven by a live feel, but it’s also a concept album that explores the various dimensions of charisma. There are pieces like “Machine Head Warning” in which the tune starts from a hypnotic organ riff with a 70s funk flavor; or consider “Camouflage”, where the rock’n’roll guitar riff lands on a moving bassline, and the drums make the song roll away smoothly.
The lyrics echothe music: some people build their reputation disguised behind ambiguous words, but the song hides a warning: when you perpetually hide behind a mask, you can forget your true nature and feel lost.

LATO project you in a psychedelic and surreal world full of rhythm, where sonic intensity seeks to caress the listener’s soul.

“This time it all started from the groove. The songs slowly took shape, it was the rhythm that guided us”. – Lato said

Photo credits: R.T. Earth Matteo Marinelli photographer


[February 29t 2024]
indie rock, psychedelic rock, shoegaze
Milano, Italy

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About Lato

LATO brings together different influences blending them into anoriginal form of rock. Vocals, guitars and rhythm section carefully entwine with a touch of electronica, and ethnic vibes go hand in hand with a natural propensity for psychedelia.

A long underground experience has allowed the band to reach amature, extremely expressive, and sophisticated sound. Appreciated bothin Europe and the US, they are a live act that cannot be missed.

Karisma was recorded in Milano at Mauro Pagani’s “Officine Meccaniche” studio, and co-produced by LATO and Antonio “Cooper”Cupertino at San Pedro Studio.

… “Stars Spangling”


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