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“Life Souvenir”
out on October 14th 2020 

Custox” project is composed by Franc Pici (guitar), Giona Liuzzi (guitar) and Marco Occhio (electronic synthesis). Custox creates introspective instrumental music pieces, blending virtuosic elements referable to classical and jazz music with modern and experimental electronic sounds.

The absence of voices within musical productions is a conscious choice, dictated by the desire to exploit a transversal musical language that can arouse emotions, evoke memories and move to sentiment.

The instrumental pieces of the band are characterized by complex guitars, harmonic and melodic passages, that lay on electronic productions, ranging from orchestral drones to environmental samples up to the most rhythmic electronic synthesis. 

Franc Pici: born in 1985. He began studying classical guitar at a very young age. He graduated from the Guido Cantelli Conservatory of Novara. He has gained experience in various musical formations with public performances both in the field of classical music, popular and underground music. For several years he has taught classical guitar at the Claudio Monteverdi Music Institute in Cremona. He is currently guitar teacher and at the institute “C. Abbado” in Crema.

Giona Liuzzi: born in 1995. He trained as a classical guitarist, developing an interest in the in-depth study of music that led him to graduate from the Antonio Stradivari high school in Cremona. In addition to having developed a theoretical musical knowledge, he matured many practical experiences with various local popular music bands, performing live both as a guitarist and percussionist.

Marco Occhio: born in 1995. Graduated in Musicology in Cremona, he trained as a self-taught multi-instrumentalist in local bands, for which he also works as a producer and beatmaker. During his university studies he approached electronic music compositions, musical analysis and theories and sound synthesis. He also collaborates in soundtracks production of independent short films.

“Life Souvenir”
[October 14thh 2020]
ambient, downtempo, experimental, electronic

… “Beyond the Borders”




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