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“List Of Equipment”
alternative / indie rock



With their songs created for Bushwick Book Club, BBC founder, Susan Hwang and BBC contributor and producer, Charlie Nieland, have joined forces to perform as the new, literature-inspired duo—Lusterlit. Susan and Charlie have been playing and recording their songs about books together for several years and produced a pair of releases in 2016, HOPEFUL MONSTERS and  EVERYTHING IS SATEEN: FIVE SONGS INSPIRED BY VONNEGUT and then formed Lusterlit to perform them. They alternate lead vocals and harmonies while supporting each other on guitar, bass, synth, traditional Korean drum, accordion, piano, drum kit and more. Lusterlit toured the West Coast in November of 2016, from Seattle to LA, playing book related events and regular sets along the way.

Now they’ve completed their first EP as Lusterlit, called LIST OF EQUIPMENT. Bringing their songs written for Bushwick Book Club to full technicolor life in these widescreen productions, Lusterlit has made studio magic with music ranging from indie rock to soul to shoegaze, reminiscent of PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, U2 and more. The songs are inspired by the books: MASTERING THE ART OF FRENCH COOKING – Julia Child, BLOOD MERIDIAN – Cormac McCarthy, THE FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE – Jonathan Lethem and THE DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS – John Wyndham.

“Ominous, noirish, literary chamber pop.” NEW YORK MUSIC DAILY

“List of Equipment is a remarkably colourful listen, and Lusterlit do a great job of capturing perhaps the best thing about reading: the thrill of hopping from one universe to the next…” Joel Dear, THE ALBUM WALL

“Wonderful vocal performance throughout — highly riveting and engaging.” Mike Mineo, OBSCURE SOUND

“The music of Lusterlit glows, offers dim light, offers wonderful chiaroscuro.”  SYSTEM FAILURE


“List Of Equipment”



Ceremony Guitar Sculpture







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