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“Enter the Lizard brain of Seven Eyed Crow…”


About 9 months after the official release of their debut full-length effort Organized Chaos (2018, Send The Wood Music), French alternative/prog/metal/rockers Seven Eyed Crow just premiered a brand new official music video for the song “Lizard Brain” available right now!


Seven Eyed Crow starts in summer 2013, with Aurélien (guitars) and Tom (bass). After a few years playing with their former bands, they chose to form a new project, on strong progressive rock basis. Alex (guitar) gets on board, to bring colors and power to strings. Then Fred (drums) joins the team, with his own experimental metal past and influences (Mister Bungle, Bumblefoot…).

A few months later, Jay (vocals) is added to the crew, and sets a new layer of fusion, funk and hip-hop to the songs.

On spring 2015 and after some months of hard work, Seven Eyed Crow released its very promising debut EP ‘Dark ways to the sun’.

"Lizard Brain"  [January 12, 2019]
from “Organized Chaos”
Genre: progressive rock, metal
Base: Bordeaux, France

Press: Domino Media


The album is still available for CD & Digital through
Send The Wood Music // Lunatik Music // Season of Mist // The Orchard



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