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“LOE LOF LON Meets Wayne Rex”

[September 25, 2017]

Genere electroacoustic,  experimental rock,  free jazz

Base: Spain

Label / Booking:

Muteant Sounds Net Label / Ferror / Sê-lo!

bio / about

LOE LOF LON is the Gori Varalez project, LOE LOF LON has no meaning, he explains that is the first three words written by his three-year-old daughter for the first time in her life, an absolute act of improvisation. This improvisation is the lead of his second album called “LOE LOF LON MEETS WAYNE REX” (Muteant Sounds Netlabel / Sê-lo Netlabel / Ferror Records, 2017). The album comes after the great reception of the first album called “CONVENTIONAL ELEMENTS” (Muteant Sounds Netlabel / Mist Records / Ferror Records, 2016).
Gori meets Wayne Rex (drumer & improviser) through the American label Muteant Sounds, a musician who is involved in several free jazz and experimental music projects. “It started as a joke, I heard an improvisation of his own from a battery just passed by a wah-wah pedal … and I liked it. I proposed him that send it to me and I would record some improvisation above. The final result was “THIS IS WHAT D & B # 2”, first track of our collaboration. The other tracks follow the same philosophy, he sent me several improvisation drums, recorded in England, and I worked on them in Spain, practically performing improvisations, first takes. All songs except two songs in which the process was the reverse, I sent him the songs and later he record the drums” says Gori.
Talking about the sound, improvisation is the main protagonist, an improvisation guided by noise, mechanical and industrial jazz and crackling electronic… “I have some eclectic influences,… an extract of what my brain has gone absorbing over the years. For example: Eric Dolphy, Art Ensemble Of Chicago, Ornette Coleman, Augustus Pablo, King Tubby, Pere Ubu, The Clash ‘Sandinista’ era, DNA, Glenn Branca, Mikel Laboa … ” explains Gori.
An intense and highly recommended trip, guided by experimentation and the breaking of sound barriers.

“LOE LOF LON Meets Wayne Rex”


CD album available now on



Produced by Wayne Rex and Gori Valarez.
Recorded and mixed at Shaul House, Dorset (England) and Room Labs, Lugo (Spain).
October 2016 – May 2017.
All songs by Wayne Rex and Gori Valarez.
Drawings by 
Piedad Ortiz


“Level Of Evidence”


Gori  aka  LOE LOF LON

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Muteant Sounds Net Label (USA)


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