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“Love Beat”
out on March 26th 2022 

Lilith, Dome La Muerte and Antonio Bacciocchi recorded together for the last time in 1988.
The result was the album ‘Flash on you’, the epitaph to the historical Not Moving line-up.
Since then, things have changed radically, in music, society, culture, and above all in the hearts and souls of the band members.
In the meantime, the three musicians have started and finished their personal projects thousands of times, always Somewhere else.
Now they are back together (along with Iride Volpi) and present a new album (after the quick taste of the single “Lady Wine”, two years ago).
“Love Beat” is the exact representation of what NOT MOVING LTD is all about, an artistic entity that makes obvious reference to the past and its roots whilst constantly looking forward.
The nine tracks are the outcome of a long, hard-fought and sincere journey through everything we can define as ROCK ‘n’ ROLL.
Nothing more, nothing less.
“When you went this way, I went that way. Where are we going? We’re Not Moving (LTD)”.
The album was recorded in Cascina (Pisa) by Alessandro Sportelli at Ale Sportelli Recording Studio and will be released both in 180-gram vinyl format with gatefold cover and digital download code, and in a 3-panel digipack cd version.

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“Love Beat”
[March 26, 2022]
garage, punk rock, fuzz

Label / Booking / Press: 

Area Pirata Rec

Lilith: vocals
Dome La Muerte: guitar and vocals
Antonio Bacciocchi: drums
Iride Volpi: guitar and backing vocals
Produced by Not Moving LTD and Ale Sportelli
Recorded at Ale Sportelli Recording Studio. Pisa
Cover artwork: Marco Botti
Inside picture: Antonio Viscido
Thanx: Paul Musu, Stefano & Gianfra, Mama Cri.
Dome La Muerte and Iride Volpi play Ufo fuzz empathelectronic and KURO fuzz

… “Love Beat”



NOT MOVING LTD "Love Beat Tour 2022".
Altre date in arrivo. Stay in touch.
Sabato 26 marzo: Milano “C.I.Q.”
Venerdì 1 aprile: Pisa “Caracol”
Sabato 2 aprile: La Spezia “Skaletta”
Venerdì 8 aprile: Torino “Blah Blah”
Sabato 9 aprile: Lonate Ceppino (Varese) “Black Inside”
Venerdì 15 aprile: Roma “Trenta Formiche”
Sabato 16 aprile: Pomigliano d’Arco (Napoli) “First Floor”
Sabato 30 aprile: Fontanafredda (Pordenone) “Astro Club”
Sabato 4 giugno: Bologna “Frida”
Venerdì 1 luglio: Sesto Fiorentino (Firenze) “Limonaia”

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