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Anno Omega
out on September 15th 2021 

Anno Omega have been pillars of the Milano punk underground for over twenty years as members of punk collective Kalashnikov. In the last few years, they also started the dungeon synth cassette imprint Heimat Der Katastrophe. ‘Magia’, their second album, feels like a meeting of the two worlds, between the gritty reality of life and politics in 2021’s Milano and an imaginary world where everybody happily drinks cheap beer and wears colorful nail polish, where shows are free and landlords don’t exist.
Anno Omega’s space-punk sound is reminscent of other aliens like Von Lmo or Geza X, but their riffs are rooted in the 80s Italian hardcore tradition, with theatrical, effects-laden vocals and swirling synth and theremin sounds. ‘Magia’ consists of 10 songs (nine originals and a cover of Eu’s Arse’s “Cibernauti”) of fun, fast, hook-filled punk-wave for punks who need a break from the dreariness of the real world. It is best enjoyed pogoing with friends at your local DIY space.


pic by @cp_prs raw_photographer

Anno Omega
[September 15, 2021]
punk, hardcore
Base:  Italy
Label / Booking / Press:
Sentiero Futuro Autoproduzioni

… “Mercato comunale”


Anno Omega

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