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Da Captain Trips
“Maths of the Elements”
out on May 6th 2022 

Maths of the Elements is the fourth full length of the band and comes after five years from “Adventures in the Upside Down”.
This album is dedicated to Nature, its Elements and the slow growth of everything.
Each track wants to drive the listener to immerse themselves in a slow journey of awareness on the elements of nature.
The songs breathe and develop slowly, are more dilated and improvised than “Adventures in the upside down”.
Each Captain album is different from the previous one also thanks to the line-up changes that this time sees Bachis give way to Paolo “Apollo” Negri on keyboards.
This allows the band to reach still unexplored territories, abandoning in some cases the song form.
Between songs, field recordings by the friend Hi Fi Panorama were added to help the process and Kabuto also gives his interpretation with the artwork.
The central figure represents the shaman/scientist who tries to interpret and analyse the surrounding nature. But, being part of nature itself, it cries because understanding is both touching and disturbing.
The design is completed by the four symbols of the elements, air, water, fire and earth.

Da Captain Trips are:
Riccardo Cavicchia : Guitars
Federico Chiappa : Bass
Tommaso Villa : Drums & Percussions
Paolo “Apollo” Negri : Keyboards

"Maths of the Elements"  

Da Captain Trips
[May 6, 2022]
intrumental, psychedelic rock


Vinyl edition by Vincebus Eruptum Recordings
Deluxe Label Edition(special UV cover) : 200 copies on magenta coloured vinyl + hand numbered exclusive poster + dowload code
Standard Edition : 300 copies on black vinyl
Available at: Vincebus Eruptum Bigcartel (link top right, under the bio)

Cd Edition by BloodRock Records
Limited edition od 300 cds on yewel case.

Recorded live at The Shelter Recording Studio, Italy by Matteo Tovaglieri
Mixed by Matteo Tovaglieri and Da Captain Trips
Mastered by James Plotkin
Artwork by Kabuto

… “Clouds: Water and Fire Shape”



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