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Metal Guru
release “Metal Guru EP”
out on June 16th 2023

This EP is Metal Guru’s (ex Mustard) first full-band release.
The cover art, designed for digital audiences, features a group of raccoons. They symbolize the artist’s shared characteristic of being harmless yet trapped in the garbage they feed on.

Side A is a power-pop suite, a punk masterpiece that revisits one of the most iconic tracks from Metal Guru’s initial one-man band EP. It’s characterized by guitars oozing blood and anger in a melancholic and nostalgic key.

Side B consists of two very different songs. “Niente per te” is a garage-inspired tune, fast, distorted, and intentionally off-key, reminiscent of the Reatards. “Samurai” is a true power-pop hit with an anthemic vocal line that almost echoes the Beatles but with a gritty fuzz, that takes you back to the 1950s. The song subtly and romantically portrays the drama and effects of drug addiction. This EP is destined to be an important milestone, a fresh starting point in the career of this unique Italian artist.

Metal Guru
[XJune 16, 2023]
punk egg, punk, garage punk, glam

Label / Booking / Press: 

Face Melter Records / Coltellini dischi / CRUSH – Collettiva Arte Visiva

… “Suite No 1, Ep1, Sentirsi inutile”





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