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Strawberry Pills
release their debut album
“Murder to a Beat”
out on October 30th 2020 

The gothy synth duo from Athens (consisting of Valisia Odell and Antonis Konstantaras) explore the full spectrum of the dark sound and create tracks inspired mainly by the 80’s minimal movement and post punk, with a few electric and goth elements added. The group’s upcoming debut album is heavily influenced by everyday life in the cityof Athens, social issues and of course, the violent turns that love and romance can take.  

Antonis says about the song: “Love and hate walk holding hands in the dystopian playground that is the basement of a maniac. “Porcelain Face” is (in our mind) an audio horror film set in the ’70’s and we treat it that way. It’s narrated by the perpetrator while the victim is caught in his/her web. What happens next? We don’t know, or do we?

The album  inspired by the queen of crime, Agatha Christie.
The idea is that right before a live performance Strawberry Pills were poisoned, but by whom? Whoof all of their songs protagonists did it…?

“Murder To A Beat” combines elements of fiction, horror, death and romance. Everything is pervaded by darkness, mystery, cynicism and enigma. Massively inspired by various forms of art.
From film noir and crimefiction to the art movement of symbolism (Gustave Moreau) and photography. For example “Voyeur”, the opening track of the album, is anode to Guy Bourdin’s voyeuristic photography while “Porcelain Face” is about an alluring femme fatale.
Sonically, with this album Strawberry Pills aim for a fresh dark sound while paying homage to the ’80’s

“Murder to a Beat”
Strawberry Pills
[October 30th 2020]
synth-pop, post-punk, new-wave
Base:  Athens, Greece
Label / Booking / Press:
Inner Ear Records

… “The Voyeur”



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