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När verkligheten golvar dig”
 Punk / Ska

Sounds like: Bad Religion, 7 Seconds, Varukers, Dag Nasty, Asta Kask etc.

 … about
Mähälium started off in the autumn of 1998 when the three friends Daniel (bass) Rka (drums) and Tholle (vocals/guitar) found out that they all stood without a band. Soon after that they recorded and released a 4-track demo cassette called “Välkommen till Sverige” and was soon followed by the cd “Blågula ögon ser dig” and the 5-track demo cassette “Schackmatt”. 1999 Mähälium brought in Simon on guitar and vocals, with that line-up they re-recorded “Landet dagen efter” för the compilation CD Röjarskivan 4. Simon later quits the band and are replaced with Arvid on guitar and vocals and it’s by this time they are recording the 7 inch single “Du är såld” and later the cd “Ditt liv/ditt krig”. In the spring of 2001 Rka says his about to quit the band and in the summer 2001 Mähälium is doing their last gig and at the same time releases “Ditt liv/ditt krig”
In the summer of 2015 Tholle and Daniel run in to each other and starts to talk memories and they both agree it would be fun to see if they still remembered the old songs. Time goes by and by accident Tholle runs into Arvid one late night at the pub, they haven’t seen eath other for at least 10 years but Tholle tell Arvid the idea about getting together, have a cup of coffee, and just play for a while. Not without a doubt Arvid finally agree. Rka is contacted but has no interest in the band so the ask Bobban from the local ska band The Liptones to join in.
Now more than 15 years after their last gig by Mähälium, they´re back with new music. The first single “Olydnad Uppror Revolt” is released on May 12th and the new album “När verkligheten slår dig” is release May 26th,
Ditt Liv Ditt Krig, 2001
Du är såld, 2000
Schackmatt, 1999
Blågula ögon ser dig, 1999
Välkommen till Sverige, 1998
Äggröran 4, 2000
Röjarskivan 4, 1999


 När verkligheten golvar dig”




# Swedish Punk Rock
# First album since 2001.
# Members from the Liptones
# Mähälium was on the legendary punk compilations Äggröran 4 &
Röjarskivan 4 (Ägg Tapes & Records)
# Tour is being booked. 





Daniel – bas / Tholle – gitarr & sång / Arvid – gitarr & sång / Bobban – drums

“du är ett riktigt litet svin”




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Andreas Josefsson, andreas@cramada.se , ph.: +46‐73‐0283824
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