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Noise in Myself
“Noise in Myself”
out on April 9th 2022 

Noise in Myself is a very young Italian-Swiss band, born from an idea of Enea Maina, guitarist and composer from the region of Lugano class of 2004.
In the summer of 2020 Enea starts composing riffs and lyrics, after which he gets in touch with Martina Pedrotti (Swiss, voice and flute, class of 2005).
The search for further components for the band leads to the entry in the line-up of Leon Sürder (Swiss, electric guitar, class 2008) and of the two brothers Gabriele (bass and backing vocals, class 2005) and Damiano Palmeri (drums, class 2003), both Italians living a few kilometers from the border and bandmates.
After a few months of remote work due to pandemic restrictions, in May 2021 the full band can finally rehearse the pieces in presence, arrange and shape them. Towards the end of summer 2021, the band has already 10 songs ready and between August and November 2021 they manage to perform 3 times in Ticino’s clubs.
After the recording of the album, the bass player Gabriele leaves the band; in his place, in the current line-up, we find Federico Morello, born in 1994.

“Noise in Myself”
Noise in Myself
[April 9, 2022]
melodic progressive metal
Switzerland / Italy

Label / Booking / Press: 

Wanikiya Record/Promotion

… “Rise to the Occasion”




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