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Stella Diana
“Nothing To Expect”
out on February 22nd 2022 

It’s called ‘Nothing to Expect’, the awaited new album by Stella Diana set for release on February 22 via Vipchoyo / AState of Flux Records. Well established as one of the most appreciated acts in the international underground scene, the Neapolitan band pushes even further the boundaries of their sonic venture.

Like the praised previous album ’57’, ‘Nothing to Expect’ masterfully interwines new wave, dark post-punk  textures and spirals of shoegaze light, this time highlighting a more brazen opening towards the melody.

Here and there you can feel the haunting beauty of Durutti Column, the layers of Six By Seven, the icy-cold  atmospheres of Joy Division, the enchanting reverbs of Tamaryn, the light sparks of Echo And The Bunnymen and The Chameleons. But Stella Diana are not at all a mere sum of their influences: in the end ou only feel Stella Diana’s own, istantly recognizable, signature sound.

As the band says: “In this new album we tried to create the soundtrack of something that ends, something that can never be again. The air you breathe is something definitive, something that puts an end to everything. The sound is dark, sinister, evocative and compressed, very compressed. The first single, Sleepless girl, absolutely represents this atmosphere. The mood is rarefied and full of reverb.”

Named after the ancient name of planet Venus (Morning Star), Stella Diana were formed in 1998 in Southern Italy’s city of Naples by Dario Torre (vocals and guitar) and Giacomo Salzano (bass guitar), joined by Giulio Grasso on  rums.

“Nothing To Expect”
Stella Diana
[February 22, 2022]
indie rock, dream pop, new wave, post punk, shoegaze
Napoli, Italy

Label / Booking / Press: 

Vipchoyo / A State of Flux Records / Kool Things

… “Sleepless Girl”




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